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In the Spirit of Unity 2019's theme "One Humanity, Many Stories" you are invited to share your Unity journey story in our newsletter. Simply send it to unitykitchener@gmail.com

My Unity Story submitted by Joan on 3/14/19

In 1974 while living in Windsor, my husband and I discovered the wonderful books of Catherine Ponder.  We were attending a meditation class and learned more about positive thinking, but never knew there was Unity church in town where we could have learned more.

Two years later after relocating to Toronto, putting our family back together and adding new members, starting new jobs and settling in our first home, we scarcely had time for personal growth.  Also, considering our best friends were ministering in another church, we really didn't look further.

Then in 1983 for health reasons, we moved to Cambridge and discovered there was a Unity church not far away in Kitchener.  By the time we settled in to our home and jobs, my husband died, so he never got to attend with me. 

Later, when a fellow asked me out on a date, I said I was really busy and if he wanted to attend a Prosperity Workshop at Unity we could call that a date.  So that is what happened!  I eventually married him and some Sunday's would attend.  After 1998 when he died, I started attending Christ Church Unity in Hamilton and became a member there in May 1999  I was very involved with committees, social activities and redecorating the rooms.

I came back to Kitchener Unity after a few years, and as always am very involved in many activities.  I still love Catherine Ponder's teachings and recommend them highly.

My Unity Story by Cleo submitted 3/7/2019

My journey to Unity was rather circuitous. Prior to finding myself here I was a part of many faiths. I first heard of Unity while reading a delightful story of a woman, Halla whom the article was about. She had died, or rather made her transition. The article brought to life her great joy and playfulness. She was a deeply spiritual woman and seemed like someone that I would have really loved. I felt drawn to go to Unity and feel some of what she experienced. I went that Sunday.

Well I found my home. I hadn’t realized that I had been searching for it all of those years until I found it. I cried a lot that year. I was accepted just as I was. Celebrated for my quirks and differences which made me unique. I can’t begin to describe just how amazing that was.

I have been attending Unity regularly since that first Sunday five years ago. I am a new person. I have been empowered, embraced and have had many spiritual transformations. I continue to transform my consciousness and now I too am empowering others.

I know that Spirit led me through the front door of Unity. I spend time in prayer and meditation daily and listen to Spirit’s gentle guidance. Knowing that we are the creative expression of the Divine is truly glorious.



My Unity Journey Story by Diane submitted 2/27/2019

This is my story of  “feeling left out and not belonging”.  My story is not unlike a lot of other people's stories; .  When I  was 6 years old, my older sisters took one of my sisters  and myself to a foster home. We were told by them  that they'd be back to get us soon.  Soon turned out to be 8 years.  In that time I imagined  the rest of my family together and just didn't want my sister and I around.  Of course this isn't what actually happened and  I didn't know that this hurt and pain would follow me for the rest of my life.

One incident that explains the above, happened in 2011 when I  began attending the Centre for Spiritual Living in Campbell River, BC..  They were putting on a community 'bowl-a-thon' and I was  part of a volunteer group; I went to some of the stores asking for Services and/or products for the event.  I would pick up the gifts in my car and bring them to Centre. in readiness for the event.  When the Bowl-a-thon was over, a meeting was called where the names of the volunteers were called out and a big applause was given.  My name was not called out and I was hurt, angry and my childhood emotions took over.  The minister talked to me later and said that she was sorry that my name wasn't included.  Although I knew this could happen to anyone, I still felt hurt.   Two more times names were called out, I wasn't included..  I didn't speak to anyone; I just seethed inside with the pain of not belonging.  I had just joined the Centre and I wanted to know as much as I could take in about this 'new life'.  And yet I wanted to feel mature about this whole incident!

The next incident happened here at Unity.  I perceived that I was not chosen to participate in the  group that I volunteered in and my 'little kid' was furious, hurt and dismayed.  I didn't talk to the person who put this together, but I talked or maybe I should say that I verbally attacked someone who, I was grateful, heard me out and explained that the people who participated were not part of the group with which I volunteered .  They were all volunteers in my group but  they were also volunteers in other groups.  I was completely overwhelmed by my own emotional outburst.

This week I needed answers as to why I was so emotionally triggered by these events.     So through words (some of which can't be printed here), much prayer, meditation, and emotional insight,  I began to see a pattern.  This was my “AHA” moment.  `When I was a child, I responded as any child would.  When I was at the Centre, I did nothing but seethe inside, adding a new dimension to my 'poor me' story, AND  also at the Centre I had a voice, which I couldn't then use, to let people know how I felt about not being included on the list of volunteers; I wanted to be included with everyone because I was worth it too!!  (In retrospect I didn't feel worthy back then!)  My responsibility was and is now to use my voice to speak up.  I'm learning how to do this now, and I know that when one is ready to make a change, Spirit is right there.  It takes Faith and Trust.  It also takes time and some very intense soul searching and it's worth it!   For me, these incidents happened for a reason.  I'm so grateful for Unity for the courses, and the opportunities to grow.

"my name and nature are Divine"


Submitted by Unity Member Kendell Bauer-Taves on 1/20/2019


I was born into Unity but started coming to Unity Kitchener 25 years ago. My Grandmother passed away and she had wanted a Unity minister to do her service. We had passed by Unity Kitchener quite a few times but never went in. This time we went in to talk to the minister about doing my Grandmothers funeral. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted warmly and once we met the minister, we knew we were home. 

I have remained at Unity for the last 25 years and expect to remain here for many more, as Unity is my second home. I always feel like I belong and am always supported through whatever I may be working through. The Sunday talks, the workshops and all the book study groups we do are so uplifting and inspiring. I would be lost without my Unity family.