A positive path for spiritual living

Our Blessing Teams

Many hands & hearts create our community. Joy is when our eyes see our hands doing the work of our hearts. You can learn more about our teams by calling the Unity Kitchener office 519 894-0810 or emailing us. Unity seeks to create opportunities for us all to connect & share our talents through these teams:

The Board of Directors Team oversees the Finance and Fundraising Team

Spirit in Action Leadership Team (SALT)

The Sunday Worship Teams:

  •     Music
  •     Sound  
  •     Platform

Sunday Support Teams:

  •     Fellowship Kitchen Angels
  •     Welcome Team
  •     Platform
  •     Recycling
  •     Book Store
  •     Offering Count
  •     Sound Booth

Prayer Teams

  •     HighWatch
  •     Silent Prayer
  •     VIP
  •     Affirmation Station



Special Projects - ex. Quantum Healing Day

Garden Angels

Social Team