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History of Unity Movement

History of the Unity Movement

Charles and Myrtle Fillmore dared to dream…
 and today their dream continues to be a growing reality.

1845 August 6th Myrtle Caroline Page was born in Pagetown Ohio.  She adopted the name Myrtle and was trained at Oberlin College as a teacher.  She was reared in the belief that she was a semi-invalid and had inherited tuberculosis.

1854  August 22nd Charles Sherlock Fillmore was born in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

1876 Charles met Myrtle

1881 Charles and Myrtle married

1882 First son born - Lowell Fillmore
1884 Fillmores move to Kansas City, MO
Second son born - Rickert Fillmore

1886 Charles and Myrtle attended a New Thought lecture by Dr. E.B. Weeks and Myrtle accepted the new ideas as a way of healing her illness: - "I do not inherit sickness" (She began to heal!)
1887 Charles had a dream that foretold his work in Kansas City. He studied religions and philosophies
1888 Myrtle was completely healed

1889 The Birth of Unity is marked with the first issue of Modern Thought published by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore and their
third son was born - Royal Fillmore

1890 Silent Unity, the 24 hour a day prayer ministry, was formed

1891 Charles Fillmore names their organization "UNITY"
First issue of Unity Magazine

1892 The Fillmore Covenant signed

1893 Wee Wisdom Magazine published

1894 First "Lesson In Truth" by Emily Cady appears in Unity Magazine

1903 Unity Society of Practical Christianity was incorporated

1905 Unity Inn began (vegetarian only) at 913 Tracy St., Kansas City, MO

1909 Unity Correspondence School was established

1910 The Prosperity Faith Bank plan began

1914 Unity School of Christianity was incorporated

1920 Unity Farm of 58 acres was purchased

1922 First Unity radio talk given - station WOQ, Kansas City, MO

1923 Third son, Royal Fillmore passed on

1924 Radio Station WOQ purchased by Unity
First issue of the Daily Word published

1928 Unity Founder's Church property in Kansas City, MO

1929 Silent Unity building and Tower completed at Unity Farm

1931 October 6, Myrtle Fillmore made her transition
Unity Metaphysical Bible Dictionary published
Untiy Training School began

1933 Charles Fillmore marries second wife, Cora

1934 Unity Minister's Association began

1948 Charles Fillmore made his transition

1949 Administration building completed

1951 First spiritual retreat held at Unity Village

1953 Unity Farm becomes Unity Village - Incorporated April 13, 1953

1965 Second son, Rickert Fillmore passed on

1966 Association of Unity Churches and Unity Ministerial School began

1969 Unity Radio TV "The Word" launched

1971 Kitchener Science of Mind Centre founded and directed by Ronel Sinstead

1974 Activities Center & new Unity Inn construction began

1975 First son, Lowell Fillmore passed on
Kitchener Science of Mind Incorported as a Church of Religious Science with 60 members as recorded in The Vanguard - Centre's monthly publication

1994 Unity’s First World Day of Prayer

If you would find the true message of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, turn into your own heart and pray.  Live for a time by the Unity idea; dare to believe that God is your health; dare to believe that God is your support; dare to believe that you have in you all the ideas that you will ever need for a happy and successful life; dare to be generous, loving, free.  Then in your own liberated spirit, in your own liberated life, you will understand what Charles and Myrtle Fillmore came to teach.     – James Dillet Freeman

For a more detailed history, see “The Story of Unity” by James Dillet Freeman available in our library and in our bookstore.

or listen to the Witherspoon audios from the Unity archives