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August 12 & 26 and September 9
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'Indian Horse' by Richard Wagamese 
Saul Indian Horse, a young Ojibway from proud northern Canadian clans, lands at a detox center where he attempts to find answers hidden in his tormented past. Saul was raised by his grandmother, whose people distrusted the treacherous white man. Despite all precautions, Saul is kidnapped and taken to St. Jerome's Indian Residential School, where nuns and priests cruelly punish the children in the name of Christianity. A young priest arrives with his passion for ice hockey and recognizes Saul's gift for the game. His extraordinary talent on the ice gets noticed by hockey coach Fred Kelly, an Ojibway with his own history at St. Jerome's, who takes Saul into his family and his minor league team. Saul attains unimaginable successes in the sport. Sadly, deep-rooted demons grip Saul, resulting in blinding rages fueled by alcohol. On the surface, his rage is directed toward the bigoted whites who see only an Indian, not a stellar hockey player. In his core are other dark secrets so well hidden that even Saul has not recognized them. His painful journey to inner peace takes him to the depths of despair and near death. VERDICT The late Wagamese's novel, selected for the 2013 Canada Reads contest, is a stunning, gritty story of survival and resilience that unfolds with genuine raw emotion on every page. Not to be missed.