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Prayers for All Occasions

Unity was founded on prayer: affirmative prayer that heals and changes lives.

Unity Kitchener has built on that rich heritage by serving the community with several prayer teams: 

  • Silent Prayer Team  prays with prayer requests placed in the prayer box in the sanctuary, Whether you have a concern or a celebration the Silent prayer team is there to join in consciousness to raise frequency.

  • The High Watch Team which holds the highest and best energies for all events at Unity Kitchener,

  • VIP Team visits congregants who can no longer attend service. 

  • Prayer Circle every 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month
  • Affirmation cards are available in the lobby on a number of life conditions to support you in your personal prayer work.


Prayer opening and closing:

Open by connecting to the Divine:  Whatever name you have for the Divine (ex. God, Allah, Om, Divine Matrix, Universe, Holy Mother.....) makes a powerful opening to prayer.  Adapt the prayers below appropriately.

Close with gratitude and completion:  A feeling of appreciation, gratitude or celebration (ex. thank you, in overflowing gratitude, in peaceful appreciation, with jubilant rejoicing,...); coupled with a sense of completion  (amen; so mot it be, so it is, it is done, I let go and let God....) make a powerful closing to prayer.

Click on a link within the table for sample prayers addressing this request.

BirthdayForgivenessLove-Soul mate Protection/Safe Travel
CelebrationFreedom from AddictionMorning Strength/Courage
ClarityFun & JoyNew Beginnings Success
Closing Opening 
Comfort/Support Guidance & WisdomPeaceThanksgiving
Divine Order Peaceful Passing 
EmploymentHarmonyPregnancy Traditional Prayers

(Buy, sell, move)

 Faith Koverall  

 Want the support of others praying with you?

Sample Prayers, Denials & Affirmations


  • In gratitude and appreciation for all you are and do, I celebrate the day you began this journey.
  • Today the heavens celebrate you who were born as the unique expression of God who blesses the world with everything you are and do.  (Top of page)


  • Rejoice!
  • The effervescence of joy, love and enthusiasm for life radiates from every cell of my being.  I celebrate!
  • My heart gives a high 5!  does a happy dance!  and explodes in a fireworks of glee.  (Top of page)


  • I close my eyes to the fog of confusion and doubt, and close my ears to the circular head chatter which falls silently away.  I open the eyes and ears of my High Self, the Christ within. Breathing deeply to claim the Truth of my being, I celebrate clarity of thought and vision.  (Top of page)


  • Amen
  • So it is.
  • It is done.
  • And so it is we come to the end.  The harvest is in. Weeds and chaff are composting.  This is my opportunity to reflect on lessons learned, blessings received and memories stored.  I give thanks for it all and honour it with whatever time I need to celebrate and grieve.  (Pause.)  Every ending carries in it the seeds of a new beginning.  I turn now toward the future which I acknowledge and claim the power to create.  Taking time to sit with this thought, I move into my heart and look for germinating ideas revealed by the light of inspiration.   When one door closes, another opens and I move forward in anticipation that the best is yet to come.  Amen. 
  • For this time together we are truly grateful.  I draw this experience to a close trusting that the seeds of unseen blessings have been planted, and are under good care as they germinate on their own.  Trusting the process, I let go, let God, and turn my attention to what is next.  Amen.
  • I am going to do it; that it, period.  (Top of page)


  • The gentle, healing Light of love embraces, consoles and nutures me through this situation
  • I rest into the comfort and strength that is the Truth of my being and always present in the depth of my heart.
  • All the Light, Love, Peace and Joy of the Universe patiently await my decision to receive them.  Any blocks of unworthiness, guilt , angst, unforgiveness or other beliefs can exist only in my mind.  Love does not know of such things.  I look to my HighSelf for the courage and wisdom to surrender my willful dertermination to create stories that deny me my good.  Am I willing to let the comforting Love that is God in even a little? I choose the now, and I choose this now.  I am the Light, Love, Peace and Joy of God.  I surrender and rest into Love.
  • I remind myself nothing is ever as good or bad as it seems; this too shall pass.  This too is what it is, and I get to choose its meaning for me.  Taking a deep breath of committment, I exhale and releasing all I resistance into the ever present foundation of stregth  (Top of page)

Divine Order

  • Divine Order flows through every aspect of this situation to establish an outcome that is for the ultimate good of all. 
  • Divine Order is established here and now.
  • It's all good in the end so if it is not good, it is not the end. (Top of page)


  • The Universe has no extraneous parts, therefore my skills and gifts were born in me to fill a need in the world.  The right and perfect employment awaits for me and pays even more than I hoped.
  • My new job pays abundantly for work l love so much, had i the means, I would pay for the priviilege of doing it. My colleagues are wonderful and I feel valued and appreciated.  I thrive in such an environment and look forward to going to play--i mean work.
  • Wonderful pay for wonderful work.  Thank you, God.   (Top of page)


  • The light of God radiates through the earth, and environmental conditions are healed to restore perfect balance. Right and orderly conditions are manifest now. Divine intelligence works through each of us to make wise choices that benefit the earth and her inhabitants. I awaken to what is mine to do to live in harmony with nature and my fellow beings.  I joyously take action.   (Top of page)

Evening Prayer

  • I give thanks for this day and for all the blessings it has brought me.Everything around me has reflected Your bountiful good, although I may not have recognized it.  Help me see good in all people and in all things.  In this way, I will learn that there is only good, only You. Grant that I may learn from the mistakes that I may have made today and that tomorrow I may do better.  Let me find rest and sleep and awake to serve You in the days to come.  Amen.
  • EVENING MEDITATION”  --by Elizabeth Searle Lamb

    Darkness is creeping over the silent hills, and the tranquil moon and twinkling stars fill the heavens.  Bird whisperings are the only sounds.  As stillness settles upon me, I settle back upon the day.  Beauty was here today to lift my heart.  Love was here today to warm my soul.Joy led me swiftly on my way, and the Christ in me pointed out the path when Iwas suddenly confused.

    This was a good day, a day of achievement, a day in which inner fears were dissolved, a day in which a new and greater love radiated from God through me and from me to those I met.

    Now, silently, I turn toward God and feel the very dear presence of God.  I offer this, my day, as my own gift, and ask God’s care throughout the night for myself and for those I love.

    With the spirit of God in my heart, I drift on clouds of sleep and, drifting, dream sweet dreams of peace.   (Top of page)


  • This is Unity’s Prayer of Faith -- a wonderful example of an affirmative prayer which helps one to “Let Go -- Let God”.

    THE PRAYER OF FAITH  by Hannah More Kohaus
    God is my help in every need;
    God does my every hunger feed;
    God walks beside me, guides my way
    Through every moment of the day.
    I now am wise, I now am true,
    Patient, kind and loving too.
    All things I am, can do, and be,
    Through Christ, the Truth that is in me.
    God is my health, I can’t be sick
    God is my strength, unfailing, quick;
    God is my All, I know no fear,
    Since God and Love and Truth are here.    (Top of page)


  • In the silence, I turn to God for a strength that can heal my heart beyond all hurt.  The power and presence of Spirit heals me and releases me from reliving the past.  My anger dissolves.  My woundness transforms into wholeness.  I give up feelings of hurt so that I might engage in a deeper understanding and greater compassion.  As I forgive, I too am forgiven and my heart shines forth with peace, love and mercy.   (Top of page)


Freedom from addiction

  • The Christ within me is free and unlimited.  While my every day self may appear in bandage, my High Self, the Truth of my being, is free to choose differently.  I am free.  I choose freedom.
  • The only power this substance has is the power i give it.  I call upon my High Self to withdraw my energy from this, and reinvest it in Light, Love and the things my heart (not my addiction) desires.
  • This substance has no power over the Truth of my being.    (Top of page)


  • I surrender my concernswith the assurance they are resolved in Divine order.  I am focused on what I want: joy, love and enthusiasm for life.
  • My imagination is alive with new ways to play and make everything fun.
  • Joy, love, and enthusiasm radiate from my being.  My life is enfused with fun.  I play at everything I do with delight.  (Top of page)


  • God is my inner source of inspiration.  Whatever question lies before me, the answer and direction lies within me. I open myself up to new ideas, new experience and new ways of seeing my world.  Calm and centered, I have a God-given ability to think clearly, concentrate fully and to express myself perfectly. I am lovingly directed to my highest good with ease and grace. 
  • I am divinely inspired, guided, empowered and prospered.
  • I turn to my inner compass which consistently points me in the right direction.  I follow the guidance I am given with the assurance that the choice I have made will lead me to my good.  (Top of page)



  • All of my relationships move in Divine Order.  I allow the love of my own heart to heal all that I see.  I choose peace.  The Christ within knows when to speak up and what to say to restore an authentic harmony that honours everyone.
  • I remind myself that it takes notes different than my own to make a chord. 
  • I play my melody in harmony with the symphony of life.  I come in on time, on cue and in harmony.  I know my part makes a difference.
  • Divine inspiration and intelligence flow abundantly through me  to express into my full potential—Spirit is in charge.  Thank you, God.
  • Disharmony motivates change.  I am grateful for the clarity of what I don't want. I turn my back on it and clarify what I do want.  I follow my inner guidance and harmony is restored
  • I surrender my need to change other people and acknowledge I am the only one I can change.  I stop trying to set it right and start seeing it right.  I open to seeing this person and situation differently.  Divine Order restores harmony.  (Top of page)

Healing Health and Well Being

  • The Spirit of God dwells in every cell and organ of my body. Mighty currents of God’s healing love move in and through me, quickening that divine idea of life and balance in my physical self.  I release any trouble thought, feeling or impression and hold to me faith in wellness in the face of any appearance, challenge or diagnosis.  My entire body is restored to wholeness. My mind and body is at peace. 
  • My body remembers and renews itself from the Divine blueprint of my true nature that is Whole, vibrant and perfect in every way.  I am healed whole and healthy!
  • Every cell in my body is the radiating power of God that restores perfection.
  • Through Divine Wisdom, I set aside my belief that my body could be anything less than vibrant well-being.  I look past the appearance of sickness to embrace and embody the Truth of my being: the Divine Order expressing as a thriving body.    (Top of Page)



  • One Power, One Presence, God the Good OmniOmni...
  • I am... 
  • God, Allah, Divine Mother......(choose the name that resonates with you)
  • Consciously present to the Present....
  • Centered in my heart and the Truth of my being..
  • With each breath I take, I become conscious of the Divine breathing me.
  • I am now in the presence of pure Being and immersed in the Holy Spirit of life, love, and wisdom.  I acknowledge Thy presence and Thy power, O blessed Spirit; in Thy divine wisdom now erase my mortal limitations and from Thy pure substance of love bring into manifestation my world according to Thy perfect law.  (Top of page)


  • God is in charge.  I stay centered in my Truth and know all is well.
  • I bring my life into balance by loving myself.  I live in today and love who I am.
  • I Am the power and authority in my life.  I release the past and claim my good now.
  • Spirit is Present in every aspect of this situation.  All is well and getting better every minute.   (Top of page)

Love/Soul Mate-Partner

  • I become my own best friend and learn to love myself deeper and truer every day.  I become the loving beloved I wish to attract.  In so doing my soul mate is drawn to me as two magnets. 
  • In this moment I feel the love, joy, ellation and excitement of discovering the person with whom I can grow in loving relation.  Our hearts harmonize through time and space knowing we are together in spirit and it is only a matter of time before we are together in body.  (Top of page)

Morning Prayer

  • From Prayers, Blessings, and Meditations, a Unity School of Christianity Pamphlet
    “MORNING MEDITATION”   --By Elizabeth Searle Lamb

    A skyline streak of crimson heralds the dawn, and a lingering star fades slowly.  A breath of breeze pays an early morning call, and birds begin to twitter.  This is a new day.

    Before material thoughts intrude, I lead my conscious mind to that still haven  of my soul where my own indwelling Christ opens wide the doorway of my heart. At once--mind, soul, and body--I am flooded with the light and love of God. I am lifted high above this earthly plane and filled with the radiance of Spirit.

    Almost without conscious thought, I send this love and light on to those whom I hold most dear so that it may uplift, heal, and comfort them.  As I send this radiance on, I am filled with a new sense of God’s power, and I release this power to the whole world to uplift, guide, and bless all people.  The sun’s rays call me, and a day’s tasks await me.  But God is with me, and with God’s help, all shall be done perfectly.  (Top of page)

 New Beginnings

  • With this act, I sow the seeds of success in the Field of Pure Potentiality.  I nurture and care for them.  The Christ within grows them and produces the harvest.  I reap the harvest and share the bounty.  So it is.
  • Divine Order carries this beginning to completion as surly as a river flows to the sea.
  • Having begun, I make the committment to see it through to the completion.  Through the Christ within, all things are possible incuding this.
  • I surrender the past and start fresh with new beginnings and Divine Potential!  (Top of page)


  • I AM open and receptive to the Living Spirit of Truth
  • Open and receptive, I AM Divinely guided and inspired.
  • Taking a deep breath to ground in the here and now; we set aside all else and become fully present to one another and the One Power and Presence that flows through All.  May all that needs to be said be said.  May all that needs to be heard be heard.  Divine Order and Love come together for an effective, productive and concise gathering.   (Top of page)


  • Peace comes not from the circumstances around me, but from the Stillness within me.  Peace is the response I can bring to any situation.  I Am the calm in the storm. 
  • Grounded in Spirit I stand my ground as immovable and peaceful as a mountain.  I affirm WAY and know that one will appear.  A peaceful river always choosing the same path will eventually wear a canyon.  I need not wait so long for my intention is clear and strong.
  • True peace requires addressing the needs of all concerned.  I listen High Self to High Self trusting resolution is possible and revealed here now.
  • Cool, refreshing blue energy of peace pours through me to quench the fires of my soul.  It continues to pour gently and persistently while my resistance steams and boils in anger and frustration.  It continues to pour gently and persistently until at last I rest and feel refreshed.
  • There is a peace that passes understanding.  I surrender to it now.   (Top of page)

Peaceful Passing

  • We  are spiritual beings having a physical experience.  I trust the process, as my friend withdraws from physical form and returns home.  I envision for her all things coming together with grace, ease and Divine Order as her affairs are wrapped up and she says her good-byes.  Loose ends tie up easily and a sense of completion abounds.  The atmosphere is alive with love and anticipation.  I acknowledge my grief and trust the healing process that is available to all of those left behind; a process that will surly see me through the challenge of the days to come. 
  • My friend, as you return to the realm of formless, you are lovingly guided and supported through the end of this journey as surly as you were through its beginning and middle.  Love is not bound by time and space, we are always together in the eternal now.  Let us celebrate your life---a life well lived full of acievement and challenge.  Thank you for all we have shared.  May your journey be all that you hope. 
  • Mother Divine, midwife my friend on his birth into eternity.  Ease the transition for all of us.  Each draws forth the comfort and support they need to heal and grow. 
  • Homeward bound, the best is yet to come.  Let the great adventure begin.
  • Fear is forgetting everything is all right.  As weak as the body is, the Spirit is strong.  I turn within for the courage and williness to let go.  I forgive regret.  Peace and acceptance grow as the body dies.  I look forward to freedom from limitation and pain. 
  • I love life and don't feel ready to go.  I AM healed whole and healthy!  Perhaps this will take the form of miraculous healing--I'd love to be "the one".  There have been many such miracles; there will be many more, and I am open to being one of them.  Or perhaps it will take the form of peace and surrender.  Either way, I AM healed, whole and healthy!!!  (Top of page)



  • Life stirs within me a new individuation of the Divine.  In deepest love, I hold for you my child, a comfortable and nurturing term within me.  I trust my inner guidance as I care for us both and feel you grow.  I surrender my fears and trust the process that has led to the safe arrival of billions before you.  I envision for you a healthy, strong body and mind ready to face all the joys and challenges you will create.  I envision for myself loving patience and wisdom to guide and support your growth and prosperity.      (Top of page)


  • God is my instant, constant, limitless supply
  • Prosperity is my true nature:  now I choose to express it ever more abundantly.
  • God is my one and only source and it is unlimited in scope. When there seems to be no way, God opens a way for there are infinite channels through which I may receive my good.  My heart opens to divine ideas – ideas about how to give and how to receive.  I am standing firmly in the flow of God’s infinite abundance and I am open and receptive to receiving my good.  Thank you God that my needs are lovingly and abundantly met physically, emotionally and spiritually.   (Top of page)



  • My travel is safe and sure for there is no spot where God is not
  • The Light of Love travels with me at all times and in all places to guide, guard and garnish all my affairs with unbounded good
  • The Prayer of Protection--James Dillet Freeman
    The light of God surrounds us
    The love of God enfolds us
    The power of God protects us
    The presence of God watches over us
    Wherever we are God is    (Top of page)

Property/Home (Buy, sell, move)

  • My right and perfect home is manifest now.  I feel the comfort of walking through the front door and feeling deeply at home.  I imagine looking around and appreciating all the features I love about this house.  Wow, so perfect and so well within my budget!!  Gratitude floods my being at the thought!  (Top of page)

Strength & Courage

  • The Light of God within me Lights my way with the courage and strength to keep on keeping on
  • At the end of my rope I discover and trust  the part of me that has the strength to tie a knot and hang on, or the courage to let go and fly.
  • God is my strength in every need. 
  • Whatever dark place I imagine for myself: God is there as me, God goes before me, and God awaits me.  Divine Love is the Truth of any situation, and through the eyes of Love Lions become kittens.  Nothing has power but the power I give it.  I reclaim my power from appearance and give it to Love.  (Top of page)


  • Through Universal Power, my success is assured.
  • I AM the radiating presence of God.  I AM doing this.  That's it. Period.
  • By Divine Law, what I want wants me.  Committed, dertermined, and grounded in Spirit, success is inevitable.  (Top of page)



  • Thank you!
  • Gratitude percolates up from the bottom of my heart to gush forth in spectacular celebration.
  • I take this moment to draw my awareness to the deep appreciation for this and blessings too numerous to count.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  • Overflowing gratitude pours forth from my heart to bless and multiply all the good I see around me.
  • In peaceful appreciation, I acknowledge the wonder and Divine Order of abundance so bountiful.
  • Though I see it not yet with my outer eyes, I know my prayer is answered as surly as dawn follows the night.  Gratitude and celebration fill my heart.
  • I give thanks with jubilant rejoicing and heart felt appreciation.  (Top of page)

 Traditional Prayers

  • Breathe into Me--Guerillas of Grace, by Ted Loden

    O God, empty me of angry judgments,and aching disappointments,and anxious trying,and breathe into me something like quietness and confidence, that the lion and the lamb in me may lie down together and be led by a trust as straightforward as a little child.  Catch my pride and doubt off guard that, at least for the moment, I may sense your presence and your caring, and be surprised by a sudden joy rising in me now to sustain me in the coming then.  (Top of page)
  • Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi

    Make me a channel of Your peace;
    Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
    Where there is injury, pardon;
    Where there is doubt, faith;
    Where there is despair, hope;
    Where there is darkness, light;
    Where there is sadness, joy.

    O Divine Spirit,
    Grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
    To be understood as to understand; To be loved as to love.
    For it is in giving that we receive.
    It is in pardoning that we are pardoned.
    It is in dying that we are born to eternal life.  (Top of page)