A positive path for spiritual living


Prayer is the Foundation of Unity


Why Prayer? 

Because the founders used prayer to heal their own life threatening and long term physical illnesses.  They developed a philosophy which they shared with others so they too could transform their life to one of prosperity, health, love and joy.  Many around the world have transformed their life in miraculous ways, and you can too.  Vibrant health, harmonious relationships, love, joy, prosperity can all be yours.  In short, you can have be or do anything your heart desires. 

Silent Unity is a world wide prayer ministry based at Unity Village, Lee summit Missouri.  Someone is there praying 24-7.   


Prayer is Effective
Prayer is simply speaking to God
   by whatever name,
   aloud or silently, in whatever
   language, style, manner,
   or words feels comfortable.

Affirmations & Denials are Unity's primary prayer form

  • Prayer is not to change God, but to change us, to bring our thinking and believing into alignment with the Truth of the Universe. Besides prayer, we encourage everyone to spend time in silent meditation.
  • Prayer is when we speak to God. Meditation is giving God time to speak to us.
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