A positive path for spiritual living

Who Are We Here To Be

It is truly transformative to have clarity both as an individual and a spiritual community as to our spiritual purpose.   When we can know and live into "what I/We Have Come Here to BE" (as opposed to DO or HAVE) we tap more and more into the realm of infinite possibilities within and less and less into the situations and circumstances 'out there' that tend to frustrate and leave us feeling powerless.  This leads to greater empowerment, liberation and peace.

You are invited into safe and sacred space to establish this knowing, first for you as an individual (Sun Jan 28) and then for us as a spiritual community. (Sun Feb 4).  You are encouraged to attend both, and if you can attend one or the other, that's great too!   Both events are custom-designed and facilitated by Rev. Roxanne Buckle.

January 28th   Sunday talk, "OMG: Peace or Pain?" followed by potluck/lunch, then workshop 1-4 pm "Who Have YOU Come here to Be?"

In this powerful, experiential workshop, you will learn how to
     Let go of our conditioning of judging life's circumstances as 'good' or 'bad'.  
     Stop believing that situations or people are against us.
     Decide who you have come here to be no matter what is presenting in the external environment.

February 4th Who Have WE Come Here to Be?  An optional continental breakfast will be available at 9:30. The workshop starts at 10 a.m. and will finish at 4 p.m.  This all day community event (with breaks and lunch) will include meditation, music, some mini Sunday lessons, and interactive group work all woven together in a powerful way to collectively establish our Vision and Mission as a spiritual community.  Research confirms that organizations with visions and mission established by community involvement are more resilient, creative and focussed.