A positive path for spiritual living

Board of Directors

President: Marg Dupuis

     Vice President: Kendell Bauer-Taves

   Treasurer: Debbie Jardine

                       Member at Large: Allen Thompson  (Prayer)

Member at Large: Marilyn Smith

Alternate: Liz Krawec


In 2019,  the next generation of leadership, was intalled: those who, by their willingness and your support, will lead this community into the next phase of growth.

At this time in Unity Kitchener’s life cycle, that is no small commitment. So we, all of this community, support you and honour you for taking upon your shoulders this mantel of the leadership during this time of the renewal of Unity Kitchener.

Please know that these leaders, among others in this community, have taken on the responsibility of leadership at both a very exciting time, and a very challenging time in Unity Kitchener’s history.

This Board needs your help and support to help you be successful as a community.

When asked for help, whether for a small task or a large responsibility, please remember their commitment to you today and step forward to help them support you.

They cannot do this work alone. No one can.

These are the individuals who have answered the call to serve you and whom you have elected to serve as your Board of Directors, to be the official representatives of this church.

Not only do these people oversee the ecclesiastical and business affairs of your community, but also their individual and collective awareness establishes a consciousness for this entire congregation.

May God live abundantly in through our wisdom, through our love and in through our commitment to one another and to this community.